The Advantages of Customized Coated Fabric vs Generic


Customized coated fabric

In the modern industrial world, coated technical textile applications play an essential role across many industries ranging from the energy sector to agriculture, the military and more. Due to the nature of such applications, the coated fabrics they rely on require consistent and reliable performance. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of consulting a manufacturer who can offer you … Read More

The State of the Technical Textile Supply Chain in 2021

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Technical Textile Supply Chain

The first quarter of 2020 and onwards have been riddled with events causing significant complications for supply chains across many industries globally. Nowadays, delayed shipments, inaccessibility to raw materials, and other supply chain setbacks are part of a new reality. This article takes a brief look at the current state of the technical textile supply chain and discusses the actions Erez … Read More

Innovative Solutions for Marine Pollution Control Systems

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Marine pollution

For many years, the oceans have been our dumping ground for all sorts of waste. From harmful chemical substances to plastics and oil products due to spills, there has been a lot of damage in the form of marine litter. Today, it is a major environmental problem that can only be solved through innovative and effective marine pollution control systems.

Case Study: New Naval custom-made oil boom

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new naval

Oil spills can be catastrophic events with far-reaching detrimental effects on the environment. Dealing with oil spills on land is a difficult task, but it’s a different story when it comes to spills in a marine environment. Each facility or client can have several different requirements depending on the location, the prevailing weather conditions in the area and the associated … Read More

Seamtek W-900 AT by Leister: A Welding Machine to Enhance your Production Capabilities

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welding machine

Erez promises to be more than just a technical textile supplier. We aim to help you develop the best version of your product by providing expertise and support during the development process. From material selection to the manufacturing process and the right equipment, Erez will be available to guide you throughout the process and help accomplish your vision. The process … Read More

Marine Safety Equipment: 5 Key Characteristics for Coated Textiles

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marine safety equipment

Marine safety equipment needs to meet stringent criteria and comply with regulations to be used on the field. Several new technologies and processes introduced in the recent past can help improve the functionality of marine equipment and improve durability. TPU coated textiles are among the many versatile options that have specific properties required for marine safety equipment. Today, end-products like … Read More

Secondary Containment Requirements and The Role of Coated Textile Manufacturers

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Secondary Containment Requirements

Dealing with hazardous liquids is challenging. Multiple stringent safety conditions must be met. Businesses dealing with hazardous liquids are responsible for both minimizing the chances of an accident and implementing contingencies based on the risks involved. When it comes to storing facilities, fulfilling the secondary containment requirements to prevent environmental damage from accidental spills is a basic condition under all … Read More

Case Study – Why an Inflatable Boat Manufacturer Transitioned From Glue To Welding



Transitioning from glued to welded seams allowed Sea Runner to meet customer expectations with on-time delivery and quality products. The quality of the seam is detrimental to the performance of any inflatable raft or boat. If the seam fails during use, air will immediately start escaping and endanger the users. Glued and welded seams are quite popular in the industry, … Read More

Spill Containment Berms Production: The Importance of Material Selection

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Spill Containment Berms

Spills and accidents are an associated risk when you deal with hazardous liquids like chemicals, oils, and industrial waste. Pollution is already a global problem and such spills further increase its severity. That’s why it is the industry’s responsibility to ensure appropriate protection against soil and water pollution by having contingencies for spills. Spill containment berms are exactly that.   What are … Read More

Coated Textiles to Consider for Successful Environmental Control

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Modern industrial processes come with a lot of environmental drawbacks and a significant percentage of them are unavoidable. Businesses have the moral and ethical responsibility of minimizing or containing that damage through innovative means.  On top of that, successfully controlling the environment makes business sense as well. Customers today, are more aware of sustainable practices and prefer to work with … Read More

How Erez Can Adopt Military Specifications to Your Collapsible Storage Tank Design

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Collapsible Storage Tank

Collapsible storage tanks – Flexitanks – are known for their versatile applications, convenience, and durability. From storing water to handling fuel, these storage solutions are adaptable and portable. It is a common practice among collapsible storage tank manufacturers, to use references during the design phase. The US military standards are perhaps the most popular material specifications referenced in the industry. … Read More

Water Bladder Tank – The Ideal Temporary and Long-Term Solution for Agriculture

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Water Bladder Tank

Water is an essential requirement for many industrial processes. The Agriculture sector, especially, uses a significant quantity of water and requires a timely supply. IWMI estimates that over 70% of all water withdrawals are used in agriculture, and this number is set to increase more by 2050. Effective water storage facilities have a huge role to play in ensuring a … Read More

5 Essentials of Designing a Flexible Diesel and Fuel Storage Tank

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fuel storage tank

Fossil fuels like Petrol and Diesel are among the most versatile compounds on the planet as there is hardly an industry that does not rely on them for its day-to-day operations. From Agriculture to Transport and the Aerospace sector, all kinds of machinery require fuel to operate. Fossil fuels still dominate the energy market and are a major driving force … Read More

How Temporary Liquid Containment Solutions Can Help Your Business

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Temporary Liquid Containment Solutions

Sustainable liquid containment poses a significant challenge for numerous industries. Businesses have a legal and ethical responsibility to comply with environmental standards and safely handle their hazardous liquid substances. Even non-hazardous liquids like milk, juices, or even water have crucial safety protocols for proper storage. That is why companies pay special attention to liquid containment solutions and are always looking … Read More

Coated Fabric Welding for Manufacturers: ROI Considerations

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Coated Fabric Welding

Manufacturers of products made of coated fabrics and materials in the technical textile industry need to be informed of the various technologies and their relative advantages and disadvantages for their specific applications. Welding for coated fabric is a widely used form of material joining that must be looked at very carefully. In this article, we take a look at the significant … Read More

How Aliphatic TPU Gives Your Product an Advantage Over the Competition

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Aliphatic TPU

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is widely used in manufacturing for all sorts of outdoor equipment. Compared to other types of plastics, TPU offers excellent performance at low temperatures, extremely high impact strength, and resistance to weather, UV radiation, and a wide variety of chemicals. Plus, TPU can be welded, which makes it much more versatile for products like inflatable boats and … Read More

How to Determine if Welding is Right for Your Application

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Welding application

Did you know that nearly all thermoplastics can be welded without difficulty? When it comes to joining two fabrics together – you have to make sure you are choosing the right method to do so. As a general rule, only identical thermoplastic materials can be welded homogeneously. But what else do you need to know if you wish to make … Read More

Introduction to High-Frequency Welding

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introduction to High-frequency welding

This article will serve as an introduction to High-Frequency Welding. HF Welding, also known as radiofrequency (RF) or dielectric welding, is the process of fusing materials together by applying a rapidly alternating electric field, applied between two bars, in the joint area. HF welding only works with thermoplastics that have a high dielectric constant, a factor determined by the molecule’s … Read More

7 Production Advantages of Welding

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advantages of welding

When it comes to thermoplastic-coated materials – Welding is one of the most common ways to join the technical textile industry. When it comes to joining technical fabrics, you should know about the production advantages of welding – here in this article we list the top 7.   1.    Design Thermoplastic welding presents many substantial benefits for the technical textile … Read More

9 Inflatable Boat Accessories to Consider in 2021

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inflatable boat accessories

Almost any time spent on the water is time well spent. But sometimes adding the right inflatable boat accessories can take your experience to the next level. Inflatable boat accessories can be anything from electronic gadgets to safety gear to stylish necessities. If you’re thinking about what improvements you can make to your boat for 2021, check out these top … Read More

6 Environmental Advantages of Flexitank Storage

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collapsible storage tanks

As any industrial practice grows in popularity it is only expected that we question the level of its environmental sustainability. The increasing rate of industrial use of flexitanks otherwise known as collapsible storage tanks or bladders, in a variety of different applications leads us to ask that very question. If you’re unfamiliar with fleixtanks and what they are used for you … Read More

Hypalon (CSM) vs. TPU Coating for RIBs – What Builds a Better Boat?

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Rigid-hull inflatable boats (RIBs) are built with inflatable or foam-filled collars that enable stability and better floating. RIBs are commonly used for rescue, military, and commercial applications. RIBS can also be used as dinghies for larger vessels, as well as leisure crafts. As for size, RIBs are generally built to be compact and lightweight for increased speed and versatility. Although, … Read More

3 Essential Considerations for Selecting Your PVC and TPU Coated Fabrics Manufacturer

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sourcing pvc fabric

Coated textiles such as PVC fabric and TPU are used across a wide range of industries. Medical products, boating supplies, industrial processes, and everyday things like pool liners and hospital mattresses. The advantage of these coatings is that they enable your products to last longer, confer water resistance, and increase durability in harsh conditions. If you are sourcing PVC alloy … Read More

The Top Welding Techniques for Industrial Thermoplastic Fabric

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welding thermoplastics

Welding is one of the most common ways to join thermoplastic-coated materials used in the technical textile industry. Fabric welding is straightforward, relatively inexpensive, and offers unparalleled flexibility and strength when it comes to joining technical fabrics together. While not all types of fabrics can be easily welded, virtually all thermoplastics exhibit excellent weldability. The process of thermoplastic welding consists … Read More

Coated Textiles for Your Spill-Containment Applications

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spill containments

THE IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL  If your company deals with environmentally hazardous liquids, there’s a good chance you’re required by the government to have a response plan in the event of a spill. Your plan might need to include contingencies for spill prevention and control, as well as appropriate countermeasures. Often, meeting spill containment requirements involve placing physical barriers around … Read More

Flexitanks for Oils: 4 Specifications to Consider When Storing Oils

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Flexitanks—also referred to as flexibags, collapsible tanks, or bladders—are safe even for storing hazardous materials like crude oil if they’re built to the proper specifications. That’s especially important in today’s volatile oil market, when producers are scrambling for any space available to store their crude. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world’s very large crude carriers, tanker ships, pipelines, and … Read More

How Much Do You Know About Your Options for Life Jacket Material?

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life jacket material

Life jackets, or personal floatation devices (PFDs), play a critical role in the safety and survival of those who play and work on the water. PFDs are required by law to meet stringent performance criteria, and this includes the life jacket material they are constructed from. Most PFDs are constructed using nylon or polyester fabrics of varying weights (measured in … Read More

Inflatable Boat Fabrics: The Benefits of TPU

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benefits of TPU

The technical coated-fabrics that are used to construct inflatable boat bladders require strength, flexibility, wear resistance, puncture resistance, and, of course, ease in welding and handling, among other attributes. Most modern, certified options are nylon or polyester fabrics coated with either Hypalon (CSM), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). However, TPU-coating dominates the market for good reasons. Let’s explore … Read More

How a Dutch Company Introduced a Game-Changer to the Olympics

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Wiefferink Case Study

Wiefferink, a European leader in processing flexible synthetic materials, was approached by an entrepreneur to develop flexible storage tanks for drinking water at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Wiefferink had limited time to come up with a solution that would be suitable for governmental standards at the Olympics and that would reflect the large-scale and transitory nature of the event. … Read More

Why Calculating Accurate Flexitank Capacity Is Vital

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Flexitank Capacity

Successful flexitank manufacturing involves a lot of parameters, some less obvious than others. Quality aspects for flexible storage tanks run the gamut, from materials selection, chemical compatibility and strength considerations to safety, economic and environmental sustainability. This article focuses on the importance of accurate flexitank capacity calculation, and its potential implications on safe and efficient flexitank usage. Calculating Flexitank Capacity … Read More

Top 5 Uses for Flexitank Storage

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In today’s world of fast commercial activity, disaster relief needs, challenging droughts, and other environmental conditions, there is an increasing need for safe and economic storage of all types of liquids. In this article, we take an introductory look into flexitanks, also known as flexibags. Flexitank storage is a relatively new and efficient way of storing liquids for various applications. … Read More

Fuel Bladder Material: TPU vs Hypalon

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fuel bladder material

Flexible fuel bladders are a preferred alternative to steel and composite tanks for fuel storage, especially in situations where critical infrastructure is compromised or non-existent. The wide range of applications and extreme environmental conditions result in very demanding material specifications; Endurance, safety, and ecological considerations, all come into play. In this article, we will take a dive into the specifics … Read More

Introducing the Latest Erez Venture: E-Squared

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Introducing E-Squared

We are excited to announce that Erez-USA has combined forces with our local North American partners Engineered Polymer Technologies, and together we are launching a joint venture. Introducing E²: A World of Possibilities. We believe that by combining the manufacturing capabilities and ingenuity of EPT and Erez, E² will allow us to go further and cover a wider spectrum of … Read More

Rising Demand for Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) Collars Made from Polyurethane Fabric

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polyurethane fabric

Photo courtesy of SAFE Boats International The Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) construction market has traditionally been driven by factors such as boat lifespan, endurance, durability, ease of manufacture, field repair, and cost. In this article, we are looking into factors that have come into play during the last decade, shifting interest towards Polyurethane fabric for RIB construction, in place of … Read More

Hot Air Welding and Other Methods for Manufacturers

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Hot Air Welding

Image courtesy of Miller Weldmaster Thermoplastic product manufacturers often use welding to seal technical textiles during product manufacturing. This enables the creation of all kinds of coated textiles products involving complex shapes, large surfaces, and waterproof constructions of high durability.  In this article, we present the considerations manufacturers should make when choosing a welding method, depending on their needs and … Read More

The Five Most Critical Technical Fabric Performance Factors

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Technical Fabric Performance

When it comes to the variety of uses for technical fabric, it’s clear that they run the gamut. From architectural to medical applications and many more in between. This wide range of functionality has led to the development of several different types of technical fabrics, each with its own set of performance characteristics. In this article, we present the 5 … Read More

Enhancing the Durability of Your Products With Hot Melt Coating Method

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Technical textiles are produced by combining a Polyester, Polyamide, Kevlar or others base fabric with specialized coatings thermoplastic polymer such as Vinyl, TPU, Polypropylene, and alloys. This results in a composite material with new properties, which neither of the materials can achieve on its own. This has led to the development of various coating methods, used in the production of … Read More

Insider Highlight: What Erez Does With PVC Coated Fabric Scrap

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Companies today increasingly turn to environmentally friendly practices. By utilizing sound recycling and upcycling practices, they aim to reduce their carbon footprint and create cost savings. PVC coated fabric scrap is a necessary evil associated with the mass production process. That’s why as a specialized manufacturer, Erez has made it a priority to work towards sustainable product end of life … Read More

The importance of retro reflection on different coated textile applications

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Retro reflection is a property used with various products and applications, providing increased visibility in low lighting conditions by means of passive illumination. From sheets and paint used in road signs, to critical applications like marine safety equipment, it is clear that retro-reflective materials enable the creation of a wide array of effective products. For many industry sectors using retro-reflective … Read More

Case Study #1: Gaining competitive edge with the Glowspot technology

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A particularly significant milestone in the development cycle of any new technology, is its use in a real life product or application. Rightfully so, as it is one of the best ways to demonstrate its usefulness, showcase its potential, and spark imagination for new applications of the technology. In this case study, we will be taking a detailed look into … Read More

The State of the European Coated Textile Industry

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fuel bladder material

The European coated technical textiles industry is enjoying a strong market presence, as well as deep technical know how. The EU coated textiles and thermoplastics market is in lockstep with the overall technical textiles sector, which is projected to expand and grow with a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% for the next five to six years. This growth is … Read More

Trends to Watch at Techtextil2019

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Techtextil2019 is a leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, taking place in Frankfurt from 14 to 17 of May 2019. This international exhibition hosts more than 1,400 technical textiles companies of all sizes and from the industry’s entire spectrum. Manufacturers showcase products to more than 33,000 visitors, for a full range of applications including architecture, automotive, construction, … Read More

Reuse vs. Recycle for Coated Textiles

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Reuse vs. Recycle for Coated Textiles

Environmental concerns are increasingly important to consumers, governments, and employees. For manufacturers of thermoplastic technical textiles, the disposal of waste materials (scrap) is an increasingly important environmental concern. Disposing of this large amount of scrap in a landfill is undesirable and costly. The responsible action is to either reuse or recycle this material. Today, we’ll look at these two options: … Read More

Searching for Sustainable Coated Textile Manufacturers? Ask These 3 Questions.

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coated fabrics

Likely, you are experiencing increased pressure as a manufacturer to incorporate sustainable practices into your business directives. But what does sustainability mean, and how can you identify business partners who share the same goals? Often, sustainability is broadly defined using the Three P’s—People (social), Planet (ecological), and Profit (economical). For the manufacturing world, these mean generating minimal negative environmental impacts … Read More

All you need to know about pvc welding technique

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pvc welding process

Image courtesy of Miller Weldmaster   Erez offers a wide variety of PVC/PU-coated, polyester-based technical textiles that can be used in wide array of applications.  These materials stand up to extreme weather conditions, chemicals, abrasion and punctures, as well exhibit high flexibility and UV stability. This makes them ideal for rescue boats, pontoons, ribs, flexible storage tanks suitable for most … Read More

Is it Possible to Recycle TPU-Coated Textiles – And is it the Best Option?

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Technically,  thermoplastic-coated textiles can be recycled. Chemical processes exist that can retrieve the coating, base material, additives, glues, as well as the chemical solutions used in the dissolution process. And, recycling has many advantages. It can reduce scrap waste by 90-96%. This can save you disposal costs and help conserve valuable raw materials. However, there is still a shortage of … Read More

Sustainable Manufacturing and What it Means to Your Company

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What is Sustainable Manufacturing? Sustainability means more than using environmentally friendly products. Often, it is broadly defined using the Three P’s—People (social), Planet (ecological), and Profit (economical). For the manufacturing world, these mean        being a good community citizen through job creation and investment,        creating product and community safety, and        following the law and paying taxes — all while generating minimal … Read More

What is Hot Wedge Welding and is it Right for My Application?

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Image courtesy of Miller Weldmaster   Hot Wedge (HW) Welding Hot wedge welding, also known as bar welding, uses a heated metal wedge to provide the required heat for melting the thermoplastics. The wedge is precisely positioned at the weld point as two sheets of fabric or film are pulled across the heated wedge. The material is moved across the … Read More

Improving Welding Thermoplastic Coated Fabrics

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The process for all thermoplastic textiles welding consists of the same basic elements: heat, pressure, and cooling. These three elements are controlled based on the materials being welded, the welding method, and the speed of the manufacturing process. However, many other factors affect the strength and seal quality: Tooling layout Weld thickness Material thickness Machine controls Operator experience In the … Read More

A New Retro Reflective Fabric Technology

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Retro Reflective Fabric - glowspot

In today’s increasingly competitive market, technical textile product manufacturers constantly try to differentiate their products in order to stay ahead of the competition and gain a market advantage. GlowSpot, a patented retro reflective fabric material can be applied in the external layer of any technical textile, manufacturers can now differentiate their products and offer game-changing, and possibly life-saving, advantages for … Read More

Marine Safety Trends to Watch at METSTrade

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The METSTRADE show is the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine related equipment, featuring more than 16,000 exhibitors in three different Pavilions. At this year’s METSTRADE show visitors will discover trends for specialized raw materials and composites for the marine construction industry, such as advanced retroreflective materials, for use in boating & safety applications. One of the central trends to … Read More

Trends in Coated Technical Textiles to Expect at IFAI Expo

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trends to expect at IFAI expo 2018

IFAI Expo 2018 is the largest and most anticipated technical textiles expo in North America, featuring more than 350 exhibitors. It is the annual gathering of over 12,000 suppliers, manufactures and end users in the Industrial Fabrics industry. This year’s visitors will learn about industry trends and be exposed to new products and technology, stemming from safety, transportation and environmental … Read More

The State of the Coated Technical Textile Market in the US

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The State of the Coated Technical Textile Market in the US

The current state of the coated technical textiles market in the US is very positive, which is due to several converging factors. For one, the increased rate of US GDP and the overall optimistic state of the US economy have positively affected the coated textile market as well. Moreover, the US government has announced “The Bipartisan Budget Act”, an act … Read More

The Best Applications for Copolymer EVA Alloy Coating

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eva alloy coating

EVA-alloy coating is a copolymer vinyl alloy derived from common PVC. However, it is not simply PVC with additives – it is an entirely new polymer. Erez has used breakthrough polymer blending to create Erez ERcoat™, a uniquely strong EVA/PVC copolymer alloy that can stand up to the harshest conditions and containment needs. Tough and Flexible ERcoat™ is naturally flexible … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Looking for an ISO-Certified Supplier

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iso certified supplier

The world is increasing global, particularly when it comes to B2B trade. Marine safety products are no exception. To be profitable, manufacturers must be able to sell their products in multiple countries. To do this, you want to procure materials of the highest quality, at a reasonable cost, and meet internationally accepted standards. Here are 5 things to consider when … Read More

If Your Factory Works with Marine Textiles – Consider These Top Technologies for 2018

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marine textiles

Whether you use coated textiles to manufacture marine safety equipment such as life jackets ( PFDs)  or life rafts, or boating products like foam- or inflatable-collar boats, your product lines evolve and so do the requirements for the materials you use. Erez understands that you are always looking for new, precision, high-quality coated textiles. So, we constantly invest resources into … Read More

Insider Highlight: NSF Certification for Flexible Storage Tank Textiles

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nsf certification

Flexible storage tanks are lightweight, foldable bladders used to store liquids. Often, the liquids being stored are drinking water or foods such as oils, wine, or milk. When used in these applications in the United States and Canada, tanks and their components must meet and be certified under a recognized safety standard such as the NSF/ANSI 61 standard (NSF 61). … Read More

The Most Common Uses of Waterproof TPU Fabric – Is It Right for Your Product?

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waterproof tpu fabric

Waterproof TPU fabrics bond a thermoplastic polyurethane membrane to a base textile, such as nylon or polyester fabric, to create a wide range of high-performing materials that maintain their flexibility yet are durable and waterproof. TPU has a long list of excellent material properties. It is abrasion resistant, tear resistant, has excellent bending and tensile strength, large elongation break, low … Read More

Insider Highlight: Understanding ISO Test Methods for Textiles

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iso test methods for textiles

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) sets standards for a variety of different industrial products and processes. These standards are drafted by a worldwide federation of national standards bodies and then adopted by the ISO. Different countries and groups have the responsibility for setting different standards that are then reviewed and adopted internationally. Understanding ISO test methods for textiles is … Read More

4 Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Marine Fabric Supplier

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marine fabric supplier

Sourcing coated textiles for your marine products means you’re certainly considering different companies and potentially considering different varieties of coatings that are applicable to your end product. While you probably have a good idea exactly what you want, here are five questions you should consider to make sure your product will work as desired and the marine fabric supplier is … Read More

The 5 Most Important Characteristics of TPU Coated Nylon Fabric for the Marine Industry

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tpu coated nylon fabric

When sourcing fabrics for marine safety end products, many manufacturers look to textile suppliers for various types of TPU coated nylon fabric and TPU coated polyester fabric. TPU coated nylon and polyester textiles are primarily used for inflatable life jacket bladders and for inflatable life rafts. Within the marine industry, the technical and regulatory specifications required for the end product … Read More