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Flexible Storage Tanks

Erez is a world leader in the production of innovative coated textiles for a wide range of flexible storage tank applications, including pillow tanks, onion tanks and flexitanks, and for over 30 years has supplied coated technical fabrics for top brands in the flexible storage tank industry. Erez products are thoroughly tested to ensure extreme resistance to chemicals, abrasion and punctures, as well as high UV stability. Erez coated textiles also offer excellent mechanical properties, and are specifically designed to withstand the necessary conditions of storing and transporting liquids for an extended period while maintaining flexibility and durability. All Erez coated textiles are approved by the major standard certification bodies internationally, including the FDA, MIL-T specs, NSF/ANSI 61, WRAS, AS/NZS 4020:2005, and are safe for use with potables. Erez coated technical textiles are available in a wide range of TPU, PVC, and PVC/PU blends. All Erez products are glueable and weldable by HF and Hot Air. Flexible storage tank applications include waste water tanks, pharmaceutical products, tanks for potable water and foodstuffs (wine, juices and concentrates, edible oils), tanks for cleaning products, and tanks for oils, biofuels, petrol, kerosene, avgas, diesel fuels, jet fuels (A, B, JP-1, JP-4, JP-8).

Flexible Storage Tanks Applications
Flexible Storage Tanks Products

REZcoat™ Series

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NameApplicationsFabric TypesCoatingsWeight (gr/m²)Weight (oz/yd²)More Info
TPU 2054Polyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 DenTPU60017.7 Datasheet
TPU 2053Polyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 DenTPU55016.2 Datasheet
TPU 2058 – Appendix Weathering Data116034.2 Datasheet
TPU 3007 ACPolyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 DenTPU100029.5 Datasheet
TPU 2180Nylon 1880 Dtex/ 1690 DenTPU120035.3 Datasheet
TPU 2105Nylon 940 Dtex/ 840 DenTPU102030 Datasheet
TPU 2058Nylon 1880 Dtex/ 1690 DenTPU116034.2 Datasheet
TPU 2057Polyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 DenTPU96029 Datasheet
TPU 2051Polyester 1670 Dtex/ 1500 DenTPU136040 Datasheet

GlowSpot™ Series

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NameApplicationsFabric TypesCoatingsWeight (gr/m²)Weight (oz/yd²)More Info
GS560Polyester 550 Dtex/ 500 DenTPU600 Datasheet

ERcoat™ Series

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NameApplicationsFabric TypesCoatingsWeight (gr/m²)Weight (oz/yd²)More Info
ER 1000Polyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 DenEVA/PVC copolymer alloy100029.5 Datasheet
ER 1365Polyester 1670 Dtex/ 1500 DenEVA/PVC copolymer alloy136540 Datasheet
ER 1000 Appendix Weathering DataPolyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 DenEVA/PVC copolymer alloy100029.5 Datasheet

Ecoat™ Series

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NameApplicationsFabric TypesCoatingsWeight (gr/m²)Weight (oz/yd²)More Info
E 305 APolyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 DenPVC74021.8 Datasheet
E 1100 FPolyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 DenPVC110032.4 Datasheet

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