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Top Performing Textiles for Architecture


Over 40 years Erez has established a position as an industry leader in the production of innovative coated textiles for architectural applications. Supplying technical fabrics for top manufacturers of tents, inflatable structures, and more.

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Erez products for architectural applications are thoroughly tested to ensure resistance to extreme weather, harsh external conditions, abrasion, and punctures, as well as high UV stability. Erez coated textiles also offer excellent mechanical properties.


We leverage our decades of global experience in architectural applications to help you with material selection, new product strategy and development, and existing product line improvement.

We understand the production challenges you face and will work together to ensure your architectural project is a success. From the concept stage all the way through to the finished product.

Architectural Applications

Erez coated technical textiles are available in a wide range of TPU, PVC, and PVC/PU blends. All Erez products are glueable and weldable by HF and Hot Air.

Common applications for architecture include tension structures, Air supported structures, military and civilian tents, stretch/free-form tents, roofing membranes, and keders.

coated textile for Architectural applications

Top Performing Textiles for Architecture Applications
Top Performing Textiles for Architecture Products

REZcoat™ Series

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Name Applications Fabric Types Coatings Weight (gr/m²) Weight (oz/yd²) More Info
TPU 1001 PFR Architecture Nylon TPU 3.48 Datasheet
TPU 2009 Polyester 1100 Dtex/ 1000 Den TPU 630 18.6 Datasheet
TPU 2003 Nylon 940 Dtex/ 840 Den TPU 680 21.9 Datasheet

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