Insider Highlight: What Erez Does With PVC Coated Fabric Scrap

Sustainability, coated textile sourcingJul 8, 2019
PVC Coated Fabric Scrap

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Companies today increasingly turn to environmentally friendly practices. By utilizing sound recycling and upcycling practices, they aim to reduce their carbon footprint and create cost savings. PVC coated fabric scrap is a necessary evil associated with the mass production process. That’s why as a specialized manufacturer, Erez has made it a priority to work towards sustainable product end of life practices for coated textiles. In this article, we take an inside look on the creative upcycling practices Erez uses, particularly for PVC fabric scrap.

Upcycling VS Recycling


Recycling PVC coated fabric scrap is based on chemical processes with the purpose of breaking down and retrieving the chemicals contained in the fabric scrap. These involve shredding the fabric and using chemicals in controlled reaction conditions. Even though these recycling methods can retrieve most of the scrap fabric materials, they are not without downsides. Apart from being time and energy-consuming, they require the use of specialized equipment along with chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.


A more cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to chemical recycling is upcycling or reusing of the PVC coated fabric scrap. This means repurposing the material with minimal need of alteration, for example by simply cutting it to strips of certain dimensions. Reusing material this way minimizes the cost of the whole process, while substantially increasing its life span. Moreover, upcycling PVC coated fabric scrap practically eliminates the time, energy, and chemicals required when recycling.

Reusing Applications of PVC Coated Fabric Scrap

Erez has been actively engaging for many years now in upcycling PVC coated fabric scrap, coming from its manufacturing processes. In fact scraps are shipped internationally, for example from Australia to India, to be reused and repurposed into new second-life products.


PVC coated fabric scrap provides a good base material for many products for agricultural use. Applications include using it as a liner for irrigation channels, rainwater collection tanks, and livestock drinking water containment pools. It can also be weaved or shaped into bins for the collection of agricultural produce like nuts and olives.


Bigger pieces of PVC coated fabric scrap provide an excellent option for shading material applications. PVC coated fabrics from Erez are easy to weld, making it possible to combine pieces in order to cover more area and expand their use cases for roof covers, car parking shades and similar applications.


PVC coated textiles scrap can be cut to strips and weaved into a variety of furniture applications, from small cushions and chairs to full sized mattresses and bed frames. The resulting woven products are cost efficient, strong and with good service life.   Is your company working towards being more environmentally friendly? Contact Erez for an expert consultation on improving your coated textiles products sustainability and end of life practices. Request a consultation

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