How Much Do You Know About Your Options for Life Jacket Material?

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life jacket material

Life jackets, or personal floatation devices (PFDs), play a critical role in the safety and survival of those who play and work on the water. PFDs are required by law to meet stringent performance criteria, and this includes the life jacket material they are constructed from. Most PFDs are constructed using nylon or polyester fabrics of varying weights (measured in … Read More

How a Dutch Company Introduced a Game-Changer to the Olympics

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Wiefferink Case Study

Wiefferink, a European leader in processing flexible synthetic materials, was approached by an entrepreneur to develop flexible storage tanks for drinking water at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Wiefferink had limited time to come up with a solution that would be suitable for governmental standards at the Olympics and that would reflect the large-scale and transitory nature of the event. … Read More

Why Calculating Accurate Flexitank Capacity Is Vital

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Flexitank Capacity

Successful flexitank manufacturing involves a lot of parameters, some less obvious than others. Quality aspects for flexible storage tanks run the gamut, from materials selection, chemical compatibility and strength considerations to safety, economic and environmental sustainability. This article focuses on the importance of accurate flexitank capacity calculation, and its potential implications on safe and efficient flexitank usage. Calculating Flexitank Capacity … Read More

Introducing the Latest Erez Venture: E-Squared

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Introducing E-Squared

We are excited to announce that Erez-USA has combined forces with our local North American partners Engineered Polymer Technologies, and together we are launching a joint venture. Introducing E²: A World of Possibilities. We believe that by combining the manufacturing capabilities and ingenuity of EPT and Erez, E² will allow us to go further and cover a wider spectrum of … Read More

5 Things to Consider When Looking for an ISO-Certified Supplier

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iso certified supplier

The world is increasing global, particularly when it comes to B2B trade. Marine safety products are no exception. To be profitable, manufacturers must be able to sell their products in multiple countries. To do this, you want to procure materials of the highest quality, at a reasonable cost, and meet internationally accepted standards. Here are 5 things to consider when … Read More

Insider Highlight: NSF Certification for Flexible Storage Tank Textiles

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nsf certification

Flexible storage tanks are lightweight, foldable bladders used to store liquids. Often, the liquids being stored are drinking water or foods such as oils, wine, or milk. When used in these applications in the United States and Canada, tanks and their components must meet and be certified under a recognized safety standard such as the NSF/ANSI 61 standard (NSF 61). … Read More

Insider Highlight: Understanding ISO Test Methods for Textiles

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iso test methods for textiles

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) sets standards for a variety of different industrial products and processes. These standards are drafted by a worldwide federation of national standards bodies and then adopted by the ISO. Different countries and groups have the responsibility for setting different standards that are then reviewed and adopted internationally. Understanding ISO test methods for textiles is … Read More