Collapsible Storage Tanks: Achieve Military-Grade Performance at an Affordable Price

Flexible Storage TanksJul 10, 2023
Collapsible storage tanks

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Collapsible storage tanks – Flexitanks – are known for their versatile applications, convenience, and durability. From storing drinking water to fuel, these storage solutions are adaptable and portable.

When it comes to collapsible storage tank design for applications that demand resilience in harsh conditions, manufacturers frequently turn to what is considered the gold standard – the US military’s standard.

In this article, we will break down the US military standard for collapsible storage tanks. We will discuss the key requirements of the standard, why the industry holds it in such high regard, and whether there are better options available. We will also explain how we at Erez help our customers design collapsible storage tanks that exceed performance expectations while staying within budget.


There are several reasons why the collapsible storage tank industry values US military specifications. First, these standards are developed based on extensive testing and research. They are designed to ensure that products meet the highest levels of performance and durability.

Second, US military specifications are widely accepted and recognized. This makes them a valuable reference point for manufacturers and buyers. It also makes it easier to ensure that products are compatible with other components and systems.


These tanks play a pivotal role in storing and safeguarding essential liquids, such as drinking water and fuel, necessitating a level of durability and dependability that can withstand even the most daunting adversities.

Military specifications emerge as a gold standard, dictating stringent criteria that encompass every facet of the collapsible storage tank. From fundamental components to the minutest accessories. 

The entire spectrum of attributes, including fabric and material selections, dimensional parameters, and performance characteristics, undergo rigorous scrutiny under the purview of these specifications.

Seams and Joining of Materials – The integrity of the tank’s construction is of paramount importance, prompting detailed guidelines on seam quality and material bonding.

Ground Fabric – To fortify the tank’s foundation and prevent potential damage, specifications guide the selection and application of the ground fabric material.

Vent and Drain Fittings – To ensure seamless operation and leak-proof functionality.

Emergency Field Repair Kit

The scope of military specifications extends beyond mere guidelines. They also encompass a comprehensive framework for subjecting the collapsible storage tank to an array of stringent tests.

Ozone Resistance after Fuel Extraction – The impact of fuel extraction on the tank’s resistance to ozone and other potential forms of degradation.

Seam Dead Load Shear Resistance – Evaluating the seams’ capacity to withstand both structural loads and potential shear forces.

Drain Valve Assembly – The proper functioning of the drain valve for controlled liquid release.

Deployability – Ensuring that the tank can be efficiently deployed and set up even in demanding and time-sensitive situations.

Other specifications include; Air Leakage, Puncture Resistance, and Temperature Resistance.

The outcome of adhering to these stringent military specifications is a collapsible storage tank that not only guarantees performance but also promises steadfast reliability across a spectrum of industrial applications. This level of robustness is so compelling that numerous Flexitank manufacturers strive to align with these standards, even if their products are not intended for military deployment.


If you can build your product to meet the military specifications, your collapsible storage tank will surely offer unmatched performance and reliability.

The financial investment you‘ll need will be serious. The US Military is the richest in the world and spends as much as needed to achieve its standard with minimum budget limitations.

The challenge for a business that pops up when we talk about referencing military specs is the significant cost tied to meeting those rigorous standards.

Businesses need to be profitable, and such premium materials and implementation of advanced manufacturing techniques, quality control procedures, and adherence to rigorous testing protocols would make their products unaffordable for their buyers.

It is also important to recognize which elements of the Mil-spec are actually even necessary for the given application.

For example, your application may require very strong tear resistance and high UV resistance but does not need to have the highest chemical resistance.

Following the Mil-spec from top to bottom is likely to be wasteful in terms of cost and resources.

Therefore, it is important to carefully assess which elements of the spec are indeed relevant to your application.


There are some ways you can reduce costs and achieve military-grade characteristics without copying the exact specifications of the Mil standard for collapsible storage tanks.

The best way to achieve high military standards without bearing the cost is to use a different material combination. There are numerous synthetic fabrics, materials that can be customized to provide excellent strength characteristics and last a long time.


Erez has an advanced lab with all the equipment for testing to ensure that the performance requirements of the Mil-Standard are met. Our team of experts is also proficient in creating different material combinations using numerous synthetic fabrics and materials. This allows us to customize tank materials that provide excellent characteristics at a much lower cost than traditional methods.

At Erez, we help you identify the best material for building your collapsible storage tanks. If the product strives to meet the Mil-Standard, we can get you there while also staying within budget. We do this by understanding the specific application requirements and providing the material that meets the Mil-Standard in terms of performance.

  • We can identify the right materials for your tank and customize a product to your specific needs.
  • We can test and certify your tank materials to ensure that they meet the high standard required.
  • We can offer our guidance for optimizing the manufacturing process to reduce costs.


If you are looking for a collapsible storage tank material that meets the Mil-Standard and is within your budget, Erez is the right choice for you. 

Erez is a global technical textile supplier with decades of experience in the field. We take pride in our ability to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that comply with all industry standards and deliver reliable performance for a long time. For Flexitank applications, Erez uses numerous material solutions to help you design the best solution for your application.

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