How Erez Can Adopt Military Specifications to Your Collapsible Storage Tank Design

Flexible Storage TanksMar 8, 2021
Collapsible Storage Tank

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Collapsible storage tanks – Flexitanks – are known for their versatile applications, convenience, and durability. From storing water to handling fuel, these storage solutions are adaptable and portable. It is a common practice among collapsible storage tank manufacturers, to use references during the design phase. The US military standards are perhaps the most popular material specifications referenced in the industry.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the reason behind this practice and discuss how Erez uses cost-effective materials and strategies to deliver innovative solutions that comply with the Mil standards.

Why are military specs used as a reference for collapsible storage tank applications?

The military uses collapsible storage tanks in a variety of conditions, from barracks to active war zones and relief areas deep in hostile territory. The military primarily uses these tanks to store water, fuel, and other essential liquids.

These military applications require durability and reliability from the Flexitank even when it is subjected to damage.

To withstand these harsh conditions, the military specification dictates strict requirements for each individual component of the tank, its accessories, and most importantly the overall performance standards as a completed product. These requirements are very detailed. Examples of specifications include the required abric and material type, dimensions, performance characteristics of the following (and more):

  • Seams and Joining of Materials
  • Ground Cloth
  • Vent and drain fittings
  • Emergency Field Repair Kit

The Mil-spec also lists criteria subject to strict testing and their testing methods, for example:

  • Air leakage
  • Puncture resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Ozone resistance after fuel extraction
  • Seam dead load shear resistance
  • Drain valve assembly
  • Deployability

When these strict military specifications are met, the flexible storage tank is sure to be reliable to fulfill almost any industrial requirements. That is why many Flexitank manufacturers try to meet the Mil standards even if they don’t intend to sell their products to the military

Design customization for enhanced quality at a lower cost

Naturally, complying with the military standards is quite expensive. Ensuring that the collapsible storage tank has characteristics like durability, reliability, and resistance to different environments requires significant resources. However, there are some ways you can reduce costs and achieve military-grade characteristics without copying the exact specifications.

One of the best ways of achieving military specifications without bearing the cost is to use a different material combination. There are numerous synthetic fabrics, lining materials and colors that can be customized to provide excellent strength characteristics and last a long time.

Contact Erez today for the best results at the lowest price

Erez is a global technical textile supplier with decades of experience in the field. We take pride in our ability to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that comply with all industry standards and deliver reliable performance for a long time. For Flexitank applications, Erez uses numerous material solutions to help you design the best solution for your application.

Most recently, a top-tier collapsible storage tank manufacturer approached Erez with the requirement of specialized nylon liners to meet military specifications. Erez pointed out that its polyester-based fabric, a significantly cheaper material, can deliver the same strength tolerance and complies with the military’s specifications.

Using its expertise and innovative solutions in the field, Erez was able to achieve significant cost savings for its clients without compromising on the functionality and characteristics. This is just one example, Erez has been delivering similar results to all of its other clients for a very long time.



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