Designing Flexible Diesel and Fuel Storage Tanks – 5 Things to Consider

Flexible Storage TanksJul 30, 2018
fuel storage tanks

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Flexible fuel storage tanks can be designed to meet the requirements of virtually any application. In general, fuel bladders must provide:

  • Low evaporation
  • Custom made
  • Excellent structural properties
  • Compact when empty (flexible)
  • Easy, minimum maintenance
  • Safety in use
  • Low bacteria development risk
  • Rapid installation

To deliver those benefits, the technical textiles they are constructed from must deliver strength and flexibility, yet be extremely resistant to wear, punctures, and fossil fuels.  Most flexible tanks are manufactured from 1100 to 1880 -Dtex, TPU-coated nylon or polyester, though other alternatives are available. When deciding on a material for your fuel storage tank consider these five important features.

Compliance with MIL SPEC standards

The military has very exacting standards and requires flexible tanks to pass over a dozen tests. These include tests for aging, temperature, hydraulic surge, gunfire resistance, and more. Plus, the tank construction must make it impossible to transmit fuel to the sealant. Erez coated textiles for fuel storage  meet military, MIL-T, specifications. They are also approved by the major standard certification bodies internationally, including the FDA, , NSF/ANSI 61, WRAS, and AS/NZS 4020:2005.

Successful experience in the field

Erez is a world leader in the production of innovative coated textiles for a wide range of flexible storage tank applications, including pillow tanks, onion tanks, and flexitanks. For more than 30 years, Erez has supplied coated technical fabrics for top brands in the flexible storage tank industry. Erez materials are thoroughly tested to ensure extreme resistance to chemicals, abrasion and punctures, as well as high UV stability. Erez coated textiles also offer excellent mechanical properties. They are specifically designed to enable liquids to be safely stored for extended periods. Their durability enables tank transport by any means including trailers, containers, helicopters, airplanes, and by hand.

Resistance to cold and hydrolysis

Flexible tanks must be able to withstand all types of conditions from extreme heat to extreme cold. Under extreme cold, some materials can become stiff or brittle. TPU-coated nylon or polyester made by Erez keeps its flexibility even under the harshest conditions. Our tank materials are also extremely resistant to hydrolysis, even under extreme heat. So, tanks manufactured with Erez textiles have a long service life.

Encapsulated edges (EREZ edge)

Erez is one of only a few manufacturers that can provide an encapsulated edge membrane for your tanks. This cutting-edge technology encloses the membrane edges to prevent liquid leaking out from the tank through the base textile.

Compatibility Approval

The Erez technical team provides valued tank customers a service whereby we assess the compatibility of our various tank membranes with any liquid requiring storage or shipping in a flexible storage tank.

Contact Erez today for a free consultation and see how our expertise can solve your flexible storage challenges.

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