How Temporary Liquid Containment Solutions Can Help Your Business

Environmental Control, Flexible Storage Tanks, Sustainability, coated textile sourcingJan 31, 2021
Temporary Liquid Containment Solutions

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Sustainable liquid containment poses a significant challenge for numerous industries. Businesses have a legal and ethical responsibility to comply with environmental standards and safely handle their hazardous liquid substances. Even non-hazardous liquids like milk, juices, or even water have crucial safety protocols for proper storage. That is why companies pay special attention to liquid containment solutions and are always looking for innovation in this field. In this article, we will take look specifically at how businesses can take advantage of temporary liquid containment solutions.

Modern Industrial Demand For Flexible Solutions

The dynamic nature of modern businesses requires vigilance and preparation. You might have to deal with an excess supply of raw materials or an excess inventory on short notice. Some processes or market conditions may also create a temporary demand for certain liquids. For such applications, it’s not feasible to choose permanent structures that are expensive and need time to develop. The recent fiasco in the petroleum market is a perfect example of the modern market’s volatility. One of the reasons behind the historic drop in oil prices last year was the unavailability of proper storage. Temporary storage solutions like the Flexitank can be a perfect answer for such instances. They are inexpensive, reusable, environment-friendly, and can be immediately deployed. If built to specifications, these solutions can perform as well as permanent storage tanks.

The Importance Of Temporary Liquid Solutions For Your Industry

Generally, containing fluids is more complicated than solids because small flaws can have critical environmental and financial consequences. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that both permanent and temporary storage solutions comply with industry regulations. They should properly handle hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and have effective spill containment strategies and other contingencies. Leakages waste your raw material or finished product and are quite expensive to manage. They also open your business to different legal proceedings and damage the reputation of your business. Apart from that, failure in liquid containment can also risk human life, disturb the ecosystem, and cause numerous other environmental problems. Each industry comes with its unique demands, and flexible liquid storage tanks can be designed to meet all of them. The following sections will discuss how temporary storage solutions like the Flexitank can help 5 major industrial sectors.

1 – Agriculture

The agricultural sector has numerous uses for temporary storage tanks. Farmers rely on fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemical products to increase their yields and protect their crops. However, farmers use these chemicals periodically and in small doses. Agricultural chemicals are quite harmful in large quantities and can seriously damage the ecological balance of the area. Temporary liquid storage solutions like the Flexitank can help farmers by ensuring a reliable supply of critical chemicals while minimizing the risks of accidents. Farmers can also use the Flexitank to transport agricultural chemicals, edible oils, tractor fuel, and other crucial liquids. The fabric for Flexitanks needs to have a long life-cycle and ensure consistent performance. Reusability and portability are among the major requirements of temporary containment solutions and the fabric must support that. Erez takes pride in its experienced team and has the expertise to deliver innovative technical solutions for agriculture and other industrial sectors.

2 – Food And Beverage Manufacturing

Properly storing edible drinks is more complicated than it sounds. You have to ensure no leakages or ecological damage to the area while maintaining hygiene standards as most beverages are directly consumed by people. The demand for beverages is dictated by area, season, and other factors. Temporary storage solutions can be an effective backup plan in case of increased demand. Flexitanks are more than capable of handling the requirements of the food industry. The food-grade internal layer of the storage tank has antibacterial properties and protects the content inside from all sorts of contaminants.

3 – Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals have a wide variety of applications and may need special storage considerations. Flexitanks can act as perfect temporary storage for industrial liquids before use. You can also use the Flexitank for safely transporting any liquid from the factory to the site. Erez uses premium quality materials in all of its technical solutions. You can also customize some properties of your coated textile to get the perfect solution you need.

4 – Petroleum Products

Crude oil and other petroleum products have special storage requirements as their leakage can be economically and environmentally devastating. A lot of consideration goes behind designing flexible tanks for petrochemicals. Any flexible solution needs to comply with several industry standards and be strong enough to resist all sorts of compounds in petrochemicals. The Flexitank has a proven history of successfully working with crude and other oil-based products. Erez is at the forefront of the industry and has worked with many top-tier petroleum companies to deliver innovative and effective textile solutions.

5 – Portable Water Storage

Disaster struck areas or relief camps often need a reliable and safe source of clean water. Temporary liquid containment units like the Flexitank are a perfect choice for these applications. The Flexitank is safe, durable, reusable, and can be deployed anywhere in the shortest time. The fabric used for water storage needs to be approved by international standards like the NSF/ANSI 61, AS/NZS 4020, and WRAS. This certifies that the water stored is suitable for human consumption. Erez has experience with food-grade textiles and can deliver solutions that comply with all the relevant standards.

Key Takeaways

Proper liquid containment is a challenging task. Meeting the requirements of the modern market while effectively complying with the industrial standards require innovative and cost-effective solutions in this field. The Flexitank is a versatile containment solution that can address many pressing issues industries face. Erez has an experienced team that can help you achieve your desired results at the lowest cost. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative Flexitank solutions and get started. Download the Guide to Flexitanks Manufacturing

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