The importance of retro reflection on different coated textile applications

Boats, Flexible Storage Tanks, Marine Safety, Sustainability, coated textile sourcingJun 10, 2019
Glow Spot

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Retro reflection is a property used with various products and applications, providing increased visibility in low lighting conditions by means of passive illumination. From sheets and paint used in road signs, to critical applications like marine safety equipment, it is clear that retro-reflective materials enable the creation of a wide array of effective products.

For many industry sectors using retro-reflective fabric, adapting to the possibilities opened up by new retro-reflective technologies is a sure route to take, in order to innovate and differentiate from the competition. Glowspot® is this kind of innovative technology, leading manufacturers to rethink the existing products and opening up possibilities for new ones.

Glowspot® Technology

Unlike traditional retro-reflective coatings, Glowspot® is a patented Erez technology where a retro-reflective coating layer with highly reflective glass particles can be applied to almost any technical textile. The benefits setting Glowspot® apart of other retro reflective technologies are:

  • it can be applied to any type of technical fabric retaining the original fabric’s properties, such as strength, color, and flexibility
  • glowspot® coated textiles are robust, exhibiting long service life in extreme environment conditions and exposure to the elements without cracking or flaking
  • it has superior reflectivity surpassing other products on market, without altering the color of the original fabric
  • it is easy to work manufacture products with, supporting a variety of welding and bonding methods

Retro Reflective Fabric Applications

Marine Industry

Retro-reflective fabrics are extensively used in personal flotation devices (PFD’s) and life jackets. Moreover, they can be used in lifeboats, and throw overboard inflatable life rafts. Companies may also utilize retro reflective fabric technology for rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), used throughout the world in navy, coastguard and private boating applications. Buoy construction is another potential retro-reflective fabrics marine application, acting as a warning to signify shallow waters, reefs, other ships or dangerous conditions.

In all of these applications, durability and increased visibility play a vital role, since factors such as prolonged exposure to the elements, harsh weather, and emergency search and rescue conditions, come into play. It is therefore easy to see how the increased visibility and durability offered by Glowspot® retro-reflective technology, is a game-changer for marine applications.

Rapid Deployment Structures

When it comes to rapid deployment structures like emergency disaster relief shelters and recreational tents, retro-reflection can be a desirable property. If a retro-reflective coating was applied inside of the structure’s fabric, it would reflect the light back to the inner environment, increasing the lighting inside the tent. Flexible storage tanks are another example where Glowspot® retro technology could be used for easier content identification and increased safety.

Personal Protective Equipment

Serving as a protective measure for personnel working on the road or low light conditions, high visibility personal protective equipment is another field where Glowspot® technology can have an impact on, by allowing the manufacturing of fully retro-reflective apparel instead of just small stripes and details.

Environment Control

Oil containment booms and spill control barriers can greatly benefit from Glowspot technology since they provide both containment as well as visual warning for spills. Therefore using a durable, highly reflective coating like Glowspot® greatly adds to their effectiveness.




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