Water Bladder Tank – The Ideal Temporary and Long-Term Solution for Agriculture

Flexible Storage TanksFeb 28, 2021
Water Bladder Tank

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Water is an essential requirement for many industrial processes. The Agriculture sector, especially, uses a significant quantity of water and requires a timely supply. IWMI estimates that over 70% of all water withdrawals are used in agriculture, and this number is set to increase more by 2050. Effective water storage facilities have a huge role to play in ensuring a reliable and consistent water supply. Storing and using water efficiently will ensure global food security for the coming years and prepare the agriculture sector for climate change. A wide range of viable storage solutions to effectively use rainwater have either been deployed or are under development today, and all of them have some strengths and weaknesses.

Water Storage Methods and Climate Change

Traditionally, the most used water resources in developing nations are natural reservoirs and groundwater, which are regularly augmented by rainfall. Climate change has had a devastating impact on these sources. Significant variations in temperatures and rainfall patterns dried natural reservoirs and reduced the groundwater table in many areas. Water storage solutions like Dams and other large reservoirs are expensive, time-consuming, and come with a variety of other ecological problems. The exposed water can evaporate in high temperatures, and can also be easily contaminated. Smaller, multi-purpose storage installments are an excellent choice as they cater to the area’s needs and perform well in most conditions. Usually, planners use a combination of centralized reservoirs, like dams, and other local storage solutions to ensure a reliable supply while keeping the ecological issues to a minimum.

Why the Water Bladder Tank is a Perfect Solution for Modern Agricultural Needs

Flexible bladder tanks are an excellent reusable solution that can meet the dynamic requirements of agriculture and numerous other industries. Nowadays, the amount of rainfall is not consistent. Several areas experience uneven spells with ample rain followed by a long drought. Agricultural applications demand water at certain times, and delays can have a significant impact on yield. A water bladder tank can be deployed on a field in a matter of minutes, and can even be transported to other areas when required. Water bladder tanks also have other features that make them a perfect solution for water storage. They do not leak, nor are they open to be affected by evaporation or other contaminants. Similarly, Flexitanks can also be modified to prevent algae and other microbial growth, which is common in stagnant water storages.

Long-Term Storage Features of a Water Bladder Tank

Designing a water storage solution for long-term use is an important responsibility. Any acceptable long-term solution must have the following qualities. 1 – High life-expectancy: Durability is an obvious requirement for long-term use. The seams and fabric you choose during design play a crucial role in determining how long a storage solution will last. 2 – Resistance to microbial growth: Stagnant water is a breeding ground for microbes, algae, and other lifeforms that affect water quality. For long-term use, the fabric’s resistance to microbial growth is an essential design consideration. 3 – No leakages and other contamination: Seepage to the ground and other leakages waste precious water and may also contaminate the supply. 4 – Reusable and portable: Reusability is an essential factor for any long-term application. A water bladder tank for rainwater needs flexibility because you can’t predict rain. 5 – UV protection: The biggest selling point of the water bladder tank is versatility. The coated fabric you use must have UV protection as a water bladder tank is often going to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Key Takeaways

Effective water storage solutions are the only viable method of ensuring a consistent and reliable supply for the agriculture sector. A water bladder tank is an effective and sustainable storage solution because of the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and versatility that it offers. The fabric you select for the lining of your tank mostly determines the performance characteristics. Erez can help you in that department because of its expertise in the field. Click here to know more about the incredible services we offer and how we can help you find the best solution for your application.     Download the Guide to Flexitanks Manufacturing

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