The Best Applications for Copolymer EVA Alloy Coating

coated textile sourcingAug 20, 2018
eva alloy coating

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EVA-alloy coating is a copolymer vinyl alloy derived from common PVC. However, it is not simply PVC with additives – it is an entirely new polymer. Erez has used breakthrough polymer blending to create Erez ERcoat™, a uniquely strong EVA/PVC copolymer alloy that can stand up to the harshest conditions and containment needs.

Tough and Flexible

ERcoat™ is naturally flexible without plasticizers and has superior UV and abrasion resistance. When applied to tough, puncture-resistant base materials, you have technical textiles that provide a long service life and are ideal for most outdoor environmental and recreational applications. Erez ERcoat™ materials are thoroughly tested to ensure extreme resistance to abrasion, punctures, and a wide array of chemicals.


EVA-alloy-coated materials are waterproof and leakproof. You can count on them for excellent resistance to the harsh environmental exposure and handling in marine and fresh-water environments. Fenders and boats don’t become sticky, brittle, or leak as quickly. This makes them ideal for boat applications, including ribs and rescue boats, rafts, dinghies, fenders, inflatable water games, pontoons, and kayaks. Top brands in the commercial and leisure boat industry have used Erez technical fabrics for over 30 years.

Flexible Storage Tanks

ERcoat™ textiles are outstanding in flexible tank and berm applications. They maintain their softness even after extended weather and chemical exposure. Erez ERcoat™ textiles are approved for primary and secondary containment of liquid foods and potable water, hydrocarbons, aggressive chemicals, wastewater, and other regulated substances. Plus, our new Erez Edge™ fully encapsulates seams making your tanks weep-proof as well.

Environmental Control

These same ERcoat™ textile features also make them exceptional performers in harsh environmental and chemical applications. They maintain their flexibility in extreme heat and cold and will not deteriorate from prolonged exposure to UV rays. This makes them perfect for applications such as oil booms, barriers, flood and spill protection, spill control, berm liners and secondary containment, and inflatable dams.

ERcoat™ Attributes

Erez’s unique ERcoat™ EVA/PVC copolymer alloy coating offers excellent sealability and good adhesion to many substrates. EVA-alloy coating is naturally flexible and provides excellent chemical resistance. All Erez products are glueable and weldable by HF and Hot Air.

Customized for Your Application

Few companies maintain the technical know-how or staff to create new polymer alloys and test their applications. But Erez has a full time staff and laboratory devoted to cutting edge research and application development. Our team can help you decide if ERcoat™ textiles are right for your applications. Call Erez today for a free consultation on how we can help you develop your new product or solve your product issues.

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