Composition and Characteristics of Waterproof TPU Fabrics

Waterproof TPU fabrics bond a thermoplastic polyurethane membrane to a base textile, such as nylon or polyester fabric, to create a wide range of high-performing materials that maintain their flexibility yet are durable and waterproof. TPU has a long list of excellent material properties. It is abrasion resistant, tear resistant, has excellent bending and tensile strength, large elongation break, low temperature resistance, low long-term deformation rate, and is resistant to chemicals, ozone, oxygen, oil, and fuel. TPU fabrics maintain the base materials flexibility and softness, too. These characteristics combine to produce technical textiles that withstand extensive wear and environmental stressors across hundreds of applications. But, how do you know if it’s right for your application?

Common Waterproof TPU Fabric Applications

Compare your needs with these common applications and TPU coated textile properties and see if TPU is right for you.

Bladder Applications

TPU coated textiles are UV resistant, can stand up to extreme weather and environmental conditions, and resist abrasions and punctures. Combined with glued or welded seals, these fabrics have excellent air- and liquid-holding capability. This makes it ideal for bladder-type applications such as:

Bladders made from TPU coated textiles are strong enough for long term storage and transportation use.

Garment Applications

TPU coated fabrics maintain their flexibility while being waterproof and lightweight.  They can be used to manufacture dry suits, survival suits, outdoor wear, and other safety wear. Garments made with TPU fabrics are UV resistant. Plus, they resist chemicals, detergents, bodily fluids, abrasion and puncture, keeping the wearer safe and making clean up easy.      Download the Complete Polymer Guide > >    ;

Tensioned Fabric Applications

TPU coated textiles lend themselves to a wide variety of tensioned fabric applications, demonstrating exceptional mechanical properties and UV resistance. Each of these applications necessitates a combination of structural strength and weather resistance, which TPU coated fabrics deliver in an exemplary manner.  For instance, smaller tensioned applications like shower trolleys require materials that can withstand constant exposure to moisture without compromising structural integrity. Similarly, stretchers and lifting bags need to be lightweight yet incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear, which makes TPU an ideal choice.  Buoyancy compensators, essential for scuba diving, also benefit from the use of TPU textiles due to their excellent air-holding capacity and resilience to underwater conditions. Furthermore, the abrasion-resistant nature of TPU makes it suitable for conveyor belts that need to withstand continual friction. In each of these applications, TPU coated textiles play a crucial role, offering unique properties that other materials may not provide. Their mechanical strength coupled with UV resistance ensures long-lasting and reliable performance under varied conditions. The versatility of TPU coats brings immense potential to the field of tensioned fabric applications, opening doors for extensive innovation and creativity.

Industrial Applications

The high tensile and compression strengths, weldability, and chemical resistance of TPU coated textiles enable them to be used in more than just the usual fabric applications. The wide range of TPU coated textiles can be manufactured into antistatic oil seals, flexible ducting, bellows, curtains, pipe plugs, lifting bags, water weights, and anti-decubitus air cells, fast deployment tents.

Enhanced Decision Making with Erez

The selection of a waterproof material can significantly influence the quality, durability, and usability of your end product. Your choice can affect everything from the product’s longevity to its performance in various conditions. Therefore, it’s essential to deliberate carefully, understanding all your options before making a selection.  At Erez, we’re not just suppliers; we’re partners committed to aiding you in the development of superior technical strategies and product development plans. Our dedicated team brings years of industry experience, and we’re fully equipped to guide you through the critical process of material selection. We’ll assist you in understanding the specific properties of waterproof TPU textiles that align with your application’s requirements. Request a consultation