Seamtek W-900 AT by Leister: A Welding Machine to Enhance your Production Capabilities

WeldingJun 29, 2021
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Erez promises to be more than just a technical textile supplier.
We aim to help you develop the best version of your product by providing expertise and support during the development process. From material selection to the manufacturing process and the right equipment, Erez will be available to guide you throughout the process and help accomplish your vision.

The process of selecting a suitable welding machine can be daunting. With so many options available in the market, choosing one with the best performance capabilities and price can be difficult. Erez wants to bring your attention to one of the best-performing options available in the market right now.

This article talks about one of our welding machine recommendations – the Seamtek W-900 AT by Leister. This welding machine has exceptional performance characteristics, is easy to use, and equips you with capabilities to solve common production challenges associated with technical textiles and thermoplastics.

Salient welding machine features of the Seamtek W-900 AT

The Seamtek W-900 checks all the boxes when it comes to performance and user convenience. The welding machine is suitable for unlimited technical textile applications as it comes with the capabilities to handle difficult 3D designs and variances in shapes without much difficulty.

Salient features of the Seamtek W-900 that can enhance your production capabilities and improve your product development process are:

1 – Adjustable speed

No matter the application, welding technical textiles requires control and precision. It is quite rare to find a design with homogenous welding process requirements. Operators have to adjust the speed and other parameters during critical points like curves and edges.

The Seamtek welding machine allows you to keep the welding quality consistent and maintain efficiency. The operations are just like a sewing machine, allowing you to increase the speed for simpler, straight seams and slow down at difficult zones with consistent welding quality.

2 – Parameter switch pedal

The welding process depends on multiple parameters like energy, speed, pressure, etc. The parameter switch pedal allows you to quickly shift between different settings without using your hands and disturbing the welding process.

This is an excellent quality that’s especially useful for manufacturers of inflatable products. In such applications, you often deal with shifts from straight to radius seams and T-joints. Both elements are important and require consistent seam quality, which can be ensured by the parameter switch feature.

3 – Noiseless and safe

Most welding machines use pumps or other components that create a lot of noise. The Seamtek W-900 doesn’t use any pump for the process and is virtually noiseless.

That’s not all! This welding machine also produces little to no smoke while processing materials like PVC, PE, PU, etc. The quiet operations and the increased focus on safety make this welding machine the new standard for the technical textile industry.

4 – Low maintenance requirements and operational costs

Another excellent feature of the Seamtek W-900 is its low operational cost. The welding machine’s overall running cost is almost 10 times lower than other technologies in the market.

The machine also consumes minimal power in standby mode and doesn’t need any regular maintenance apart from the occasional wedge replacement. The wedges are also quite easy to procure and cost a fraction of the cost of conventional wedges.

5 – Efficient operations

Another excellent capability that distinguishes this welding machine from its competitors is efficient operations. Unlike other options, the Seamtek W-900 doesn’t need any preheating. The wedge can heat itself immediately at the start of the welding process, thereby reducing the overall time and cost.

Key takeaways

As a production method, welding holds considerable importance in the technical textile industry due to its superior results and overall efficiency.

After the type of textile, the production method and its quality hold the most importance. Your expertise, application, and available equipment like the welding machine can determine the technical performance characteristics of any product. Erez, with its decades of expertise in the field and innovative solutions, can help you make the right choice throughout the process.



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