Case Study #1: Gaining competitive edge with the Glowspot technology

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A particularly significant milestone in the development cycle of any new technology, is its use in a real life product or application. Rightfully so, as it is one of the best ways to demonstrate its usefulness, showcase its potential, and spark imagination for new applications of the technology.

In this case study, we will be taking a detailed look into the application of Glowspot® technology in a series of heavy duty commercial line of marine life jackets produced by Spinlock, a leading marine industry products manufacturer in the UK.

About Spinlock©

Company Status

Spinlock is an innovative marine products company, widely acknowledged worldwide for designing and manufacturing award-winning life jackets for both leisure and commercial applications. Throughout the years, Spinlock has operated an impressive marketing department, achieving prominent brand presence in the field for the UK, US, and Europe, among other markets.

Research & Development

Operating its own independent R&D department, Spinlock has a history in specializing on technologies for increasing PFD visibility. The company stands out in the market, consistently innovating in the field of rescue products and sea survivor visibility at night. It was the first to use neon-colored fabrics in rescue products, as well as inventing technologies for increasing visibility – utilizing this innovation in products such as their proprietary Lume-On™ and Pylon™ lights.

Cooperation with Erez

Spinlock is a long time client of Erez, in steady cooperation going back more than 20 years. Consistently upholding very strict and high standards of quality and professionalism, Spinlock has been working with Erez Technical Textiles for producing world class, award winning marine safety products.

The Glowspot® Opportunity

Marine Life Jacket Types

The marine safety industry, with regard to life jackets, is divided into two main market sections: leisure – for private or recreational use, and commercial – for life jacket usage in professional settings. The commercial sector includes use cases with challenging conditions such as sailors, oil drilling rigs personnel, and naval military applications. It therefore makes sense that life jackets for commercial applications are larger, more massive, and more durable than their leisure counterparts. Spinlock produces life jackets for both leisure and commercial uses, in a variety of types suitable for many applications.

Heavy Duty Application for Glowspot

With their interest and history in PFD visibility, Spinlock recognized the opportunity that Glowspot® technology brings to the marine safety industry, and introduced the technology across their ‘DURO‘ commercial range of life jackets in 2018. This early adoption demonstrates how Spinlock was confident in the advanced retro reflective performance of Glowspot technology. The fact that Spinlock implemented Glowspot technology across their heavy duty line of commercial life jackets is a testament to their recognition of the stellar quality & durability of Erez technical textiles.

The Results

This cooperation resulted in two innovative companies advancing themselves and the marine safety industry by applying a breakthrough technology to world-class heavy-duty life jacket products. Spinlock was an early adopter and in doing so, strengthened their brand positioning in the market as an innovative leader, and Erez brought its innovative retro-reflective technology to the market with a trusted manufacturer.

After just six months in the market, there is not enough data to provide quantifiable results for using Glowspot technology. However, Spinlock has already identified that Glowspot technology is beyond a doubt strengthening their market leadership. As evidenced by the positive market reaction and the initial responses of their network, Glowspot is providing them with a competitive edge.

Glowspot is now used successfully in challenging commercial applications all over the globe, withstanding the most harsh environment conditions and outperforming all other competitive products by far. Moreover, following the success of Glowspot’s initial deployment, Spinlock is currently preparing to expand Glowspot usage in their Deckvest leisure product line as early as next year, in 2020.

A Disruptive Innovation

The successful use of Glowspot by a leading manufacturer in a world class life jacket product, is just the beginning for this innovative retroreflective technology. In every sector, innovative technologies occur that disrupt the way the industry operates, leading to the rethinking of existing products and opening up possibilities for new and exciting applications. For the retro-reflective textiles sector, Glowspot is this kind of innovation.




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