REACH Regulation: What it Means for Products Made of Coated Fabrics

International StandardsApr 24, 2023

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The European Union (EU) has a reputation for being at the forefront of environmental and safety regulations. For manufacturers of applications using coated fabrics, complying with the REACH regulation is mandatory due to the heavy use of chemicals involved in the production process. The REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations are designed to enhance overall awareness about chemical hazards and mitigate associated risks.

This article will delve into what the REACH regulation entails, the benefits of compliance, how it affects manufacturers of products made from coated fabrics, and the best approach to achieving compliance.

What is REACH Compliance?

REACH is an EU regulation concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals. It aims to protect human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemicals, as well as to promote alternative methods for assessing the hazards of substances.

REACH compliance is relevant for any company that produces, imports, or uses chemical substances in the EU. This includes applications that rely on coated fabrics such as Flexible liquid storage tanks, tents or inflatable boat manufacturers and more. Materials used in in the construction of these applications will include adhesives, coatings, and plastics, which may contain chemical substances subject to REACH regulation.

In order to comply with REACH, manufacturers must register any relevant substances with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and ensure that their use of these substances does not pose a risk to human health or the environment. Manufacturers must also provide information about the safe use of the products they produce, including any relevant restrictions on use.

Manufacturers must comply with REACH if they use or produce any chemicals subject to the regulation. They must register these substances with ECHA, ensure that their use of these substances is safe, and provide information about the safe use of their products to customers.

The Financial and Technical Implications of Achieving REACH Compliance for Coated Textile Applications

Many businesses producing industrial products struggle with REACH regulations due to the time, expenses, and extensive resources needed to meet compliance requirements. These challenges are especially true when it comes to the production of coated fabrics applications.

Compliance with REACH regulations can be a complex process that requires a considerable amount of time and resources, making it challenging for businesses at various stages of the supply chain.

Compliance involves the removal of restricted substances from production processes and the identification of suitable alternatives, which can halt new product development and require a comprehensive R&D process. However, even with a company’s willingness to comply, achieving REACH compliance can be difficult due to the financial burden of using alternative chemicals, especially when it comes to shipping costs. In some cases, there may be no suitable alternative, making compliance impossible. For example, the restricted chemical Lead does not have a viable alternative that can retain the pigmentation of coated fabrics effectively. As a result, developing alternative processes requires a significant financial commitment, which may compromise key properties such as UV resistance in coated fabrics at different stages of the supply chain.



Complying with REACH regulations is essential to protect human health and the environment from the risks posed by hazardous substances. To achieve compliance, it is crucial to work with suppliers that already comply with REACH. This ensures that anything received has already passed through the necessary checks, and your only concern will be your manufacturing processes.

Transparency is key when working with material suppliers. It is important to ask your supplier what chemical changes are made for REACH compliance, how these changes affect the overall performance of the product, and if it will affect the price. This information will help you plan the alternative chemicals used in the materials for existing and new products accordingly.

In addition to working with compliant suppliers, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive research and development to identify suitable alternative chemicals that comply with REACH regulations. While this may be a time-consuming process, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the regulation.


The Benefits Beyond Compliance 

It is important to remember that complying with REACH can have benefits beyond regulatory compliance. By using safer substances in products, you may improve the safety and sustainability of your products, making them more attractive to environmentally conscious customers. Therefore, complying with REACH is not just a regulatory requirement, but also an opportunity to improve your products and your business. 

In addition to improving product safety and sustainability, complying with REACH can also positively impact the reputation of your business. Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility can enhance customer trust and loyalty. Moreover, REACH compliance can also help your business avoid potential legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance.

Erez: Your Trusted Technical Textile Partner in Europe

As a leading partner in the coated textiles market, Erez is the ideal choice for technical textile needs in Europe. With a team dedicated to developing innovative solutions, Erez ensures compliance with even the most stringent regulations while delivering the best possible specifications to its customers.

At Erez, we believe that adopting green practices is a moral responsibility for all businesses. We see REACH as a step in the right direction towards creating a sustainable future. We understand that navigating through the regulations can be challenging, but we’re here to help. If you’re looking to ensure REACH compliance for your products without compromising on quality and performance, Erez can be the perfect partner to help you reach the top.

We’re a strong proponent of environmental consciousness in the production process and the products that result from them. We support our partners in manufacturing various applications, and we’re committed to developing the best-performing environmentally friendly products.

When you partner with Erez, you can expect transparency and reliability. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that all your needs are met, from product development to delivery. With our experience and expertise, we can help you achieve REACH compliance and develop high-quality products that meet your customers’ needs while protecting the environment.

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