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About Us
Erez Thermoplastic Products, a world leader in high performance polymer membrane
EREZ Thermoplastic Products was founded in 1982 to introduce advanced polymer
technologies in reinforced industrial fabrics. 
Erez patented process coats with precision woven and non-woven high tenacity fibers with thermoplastic elastomers.
The Company is owned by Kibbutz Erez and has a wholly owned marketing subsidiary in the United States, as well as a part ownership of a manufacturing facility in South Africa.
Research and product developments have earned Erez an international reputation.
The company has pioneered new breakthroughs in polymer blending that have produced a comprehensive family of high performance, long-lasting, multipurpose membranes.
Light yet stable, with superior welding advantages, these membranes are capable of withstanding both extensive wear and environmental stress. The company was the first to create on-line testing as part of a comprehensive quality improvement program .
This ensures that Erez is able to meet or exceed customer requirements.
Products are available in widths up to 205 cm. and because of custom-blending technology, Erez fabrics are being used in a variety of applications including : inflatable boats, rafts, life preservers, tank seals, oil booms, side curtains, dock shelters, tarpaulins, tension structures, truck covers, geomembrane and roofing membranes. Erez is also a top choice for flexitanks to transport wine, food, chemicals, fuel and potable water.
Erez Thermoplastic Products comply with the Quality Management Standard : SI ISO 9001:2015.
Furthermore, most of our products comply with international standards such as UL. ASTM & FDA



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