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The production process consists of coating fabrics and woven or knitted net made of natural or synthetic fibres, with a layer of PVC, Polyurethane or with various kinds of thermoplastic compounds, in order to achieve sealed membranes for different applications.


The coating is applied by one of two methods: Hot Melt Coating , Spread Coating


The Company has two coating lines using a technology in which one complements the other. Each production line is capable of manufacturing standard products simultaneously.


In the production of PVC coated membranes the raw material compound is manufactured on the premises using a modern mixing system allowing a fluent feeding of the production lines.


At the end of the production process, the membrane goes through a quality control and packing station where the product is rolled ready to be shipped after having been tested visually and sorted to prevent defaulted material reaching the customer.
Recently, our company has started producing and marketing PVC compounds "ready to use" for the plastic industry. The compound's are produced by the customer's request, according to the end product, cables, profiles, tubes etc.
The process is started by producing the dry blend in one of the world's advance compound mixing plants, and is finally produced with a compound that is suitable for marketing in pellets formation, which is acceptable to the industry.

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