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Coated fabrics - Technical fabrics such as polyester, polyamide (Nylon) coated with various polymers TPU, Vinyl , blends, polypropylene.
Inflatable rafts - Iinflatable boats & rafts, inflatable fender  and collar for rigid inflatable boats (RIB).
Inflatable structures - Hospitals, military command structures made out of membrane, Inflatable columns and walls, used for rapid deployment of emergency services and military, in cases of disasters and conflicts.
Fuel flexitanks - Membranes food approved, compatible to various chemicals, oil and fuel for the manufacturing of flexitanks transporting and storage of liquids.
Thermoplastic membranes - Membranes customized and engineered to meet exact requirements and applications.
Lifejacket membranes - Membranes for inflatable life-jackets and life-rafts. membranes approved by strict american and european standards and regulations.
Water flexitanks - Membranes food and water contact approved, for the manufacturing of flexitanks transporting and storage of portable water.
Medical membranes - Membranes used in manufacturing advanced equipment for the handicapped and disabled for hospitals.
Berm containment - Membranes used in manufacturing berms liners.
Oil boom membranes - Membranes used for tank seals and oil containment booms.

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