POPcoat™ is a family of Erez textiles utilizing breakthrough polymer blending to create a uniquely strong thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) polymer coating, which is then applied to a variety of high quality polyester and PP/PES base fabrics using hot melt or spread coating on complementary production lines. The resulting POPcoat™ technical textiles offer excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions, chemicals, abrasion and punctures, as well as high UV stability. POPcoat™ textiles are available in low to mid-range fabric weights and are used primarily in flexible storage tank, industrial, and environmental control applications.
יישומים מומלצים
  • Flexible Storage Tank
  • Environmental Control
  • Industrial

סדרת POPcoat™

קרא עוד
שם מוצר יישומים סוגי בדים ציפוי משקל (gr/m²) משקל (oz/yd²) מידע נוסף
POP K 400 General purpose tarps TPO 400 11.8 טופס מידע

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