GlowSpot® is a revolutionary new retro-reflective technology that enhances the visibility of technical textiles used for survival equipment, which increases the chance of locating and rescuing survivors at sea. Retains reflective properties over time, and resistant to harsh weathering, GlowSpot® can be tailored to any application intended for dimly-lit environments, for daytime or night-time use. GlowSpot® preserves the original textile color, thereby complying with international standards for reflective rescue colors. GlowSpot® is a patented technology of Erez Technical Textiles, and ISO 12402-7 and UL 1191 certified. Learn More
  • Highly reflective
  • Increases visibility day and night
  • Retains reflective properties over time
  • Seawater- and humidity-resistant
  • Remarkably durable and flexible
  • Does not crack or flake
יישומים מומלצים
  • Life Jackets
  • Life Boats and Rafts
  • Oil Contained Booms
  • Buoys
  • Emergency Tents
  • Recreational Tents

סדרת GlowSpot™

קרא עוד
שם מוצר יישומים סוגי בדים ציפוי משקל (gr/m²) משקל (oz/yd²) מידע נוסף
GlowSpot U1014 Environmental Control, Marine Safety Nylon 470 Dtex/ 420 Den TPU 215 6.3 טופס מידע
Glowspot U2036 Polyester 1100 Dtex TPU 960 29 טופס מידע
Glowspot E610 Polyester 1100 Dtex PVC 610 18 טופס מידע
U1001 Nylon 235 Dtex/ 210 Den TPU 280 8.2 טופס מידע

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