How to get the best suited coated fabric for your application –The Erez Value delivery process

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Erez quality coated fabric

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When it comes to choosing a coated fabric for your application, many factors determine the performance and best value.  This is a combination between the raw materials characteristics and other key parameters such as fabric type, compliance, total cost and application usage profile. Thus, the most suitable fabric is that which best serves your application needs while offering the best performance for cost.

Your material supplier can help you effectively navigate through this challenge. In this article we look at the process Erez has developed to doing it right.

Contact a Tecnical Textile Expert > >&#8221;></a></span></span></p><p><!-- end HubSpot Call-to-Action Code --></p><h2></h2><h3>The process for Choosing the right coated fabric for you</h3><p>At Erez, our priority is delivering the best value for our customers and in this case it is offering best product performance. As a top-tier manufacturer in the coated fabrics industry, we leverage our experience to develop a streamlined value delivery process to ensure that you always get the fabric that offers best value and peak performance for your application.</p><h3></h3><h4>Step 1 – The customer request</h4><p>Our starting point is the initial request from the customer. Through this dialog, we consider parameters such as mechanical strength, coating type, standard compliance, and other various requirements from the customer – such as resistance to chemicals, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and many others.</p><p>At this stage, the key factor is to have as much information as possible. We will use your input to form the fabric requirements &#8211; even if you are not entirely sure or don’t have all the details just yet. We may ask you for a sample you may have that is like what you need. In certain cases, we can even arrange a visit to your production site &#8211; to have a complete understanding of your needs.</p><h4>Step 2 – Choosing the right coated fabric for you</h4><p>Once we have a good understanding of your requirements, we examine our existing lineup of fabrics. With over 400 different types of coated fabrics in our portfolio, there is a good chance that we may find a good candidate that matches your application’s specific requirements. In rare cases, when a specification will call for customization – we are open to discuss with you the option of developing a customized solution for your application. Our team has gained significant experience with developing a variety of fabrics, for many different applications and industries. Naturally, development of new products depends on factors such as a feasibility study, discussing production quantities and whether the new product will be used solely for your needs. Developing a new product will also affect the projected delivery time.</p><h4>Step 3 – Moving ahead – your approval is needed</h4><p>Once the requirements and other details are finalized, and the appropriate fabric is chosen, Erez will provide a detailed offering with all the needed details and information. At this point, the ball is in your court to confirm that the solution and the offer suites your needs. Customer confirmation triggers the next step in our process.</p><h4>Step 4 – Coated fabric production process</h4><p>Following customer confirmation, Erez moves to production – it takes 4 to 6 weeks to fulfill your order. The production time includes our quality assurance processes – QA and QC that are deployed throughout the production process, to ensure meeting the industry production standards, compliance to ISO or other required <a href=international standards as well as assuring the quality of the final products for delivery. Fulfillment timelines may vary as the world is still reeling from the impact of COVID-19 and many industries are struggling with raw material shortages. As with quality, a great effort is made to ensure a streamlined and timely delivery even in these unprecedented times.

Step 5 – Final delivery

It is time to deliver the goods. Over the years, Erez has partnered with several global logistics businesses to ensure a smooth delivery process irrespective of the location. The actual delivery time depends on where you are and the shipping method you select. We generally use sea freight but can also accommodate air cargo facilities for urgent orders.

Ensuring shipping safety is not a trivial task. Erez ensures that the shipment doesn’t get damaged during transport. All products are carefully packed to avoid pressure marks, abrasions, and other potential shipping damages. We do everything possible to guarantee that you get your product in pristine condition.

Experience perfection with Erez

Erez has a long and successful history of delivering premium quality materials with unparalleled performance. Our value delivery process aims to streamline your procurement and ensure that you always get the best product for your application in the shortest time.

Aiming to be more than just a material supplier, we strive to offer the best possible value by offering our professional expertise and ensure a winning combination of quality and cost.

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